The Story

Creative director

Founder & Creative Director, Simone Ng

Simone Ng is an award winning jewellery designer and certified gemmologist. Named as Singapore’s Top 10 Designers for 3 consecutive years since 2015, the founder and creative director of Simone Jewels was awarded with the “Luxury Jewelry Brand” in 2016.

She graduated with Honours Degree in Commerce from the University of Western Australia, Masters of Business Administration Degree from Melbourne University, Diamond Gemmological Certification from HRD Antwerp and numerous certifications for coloured gemstones and jade grading.

Born into a family of jewellers, Simone’s passion for jewellery from a tender age drove her to create her own label. In 2006, she launched her first collection with 20 one-of-a-kind pieces where half of it were sold within 30 minutes. In addition, she was featured by Sotheby and has successfully auctioned her “Reverso Necklace” by Sotheby’s Asia in 2013.

The Singapore-based designer has since reinvented many jewellery crafting techniques. Today, Simone Jewels is known amongst stylish women across Asia, Europe and United States who adores her handcrafted, one-of-a-kind transformable jewellery.

Design philosophy


At Simone Jewels, we strongly believe that there are things that we can learn from the past and in return creating a better future. Guided by our ethos: Yesterday’s Tale. Today’s Creation. Tomorrow’s Inspiration, we aim to create and bring unimaginable art to life unlike any before.

Inspired by historical events, architecture and cultures, stories are captured and lessons learnt from the past are translated and incorporated into our designs. We are proud to provide women who shares the love for luxurious jewellery and an eye for finesse from all walks of life.

The ability to accentuate beauty is our primary goal for every one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Creating jewels of timeless fashion with investment value through coloured gemstones chosen for their rarity, quality and cuts. In the process, they build confidence, individualism, advocate empowerment and create trendsetting elements for women. Most importantly an heirloom that can be worn, adorned and admired for generations to come.


The Art of Creation

Like a piece of architecture and with visibility from all angles, the multi-dimensional jewels are perfected and intelligently engineered to every inch, creating movement and transformability that allows a jewel to completely change its look and be seen differently whenever its adorned.

Every piece is painstakingly built. The design processes are done layer by layer and involves extensive craftmanship. Boundaries for our setting techniques are consistently pushed and reinvented to make existing ones better, giving us an edge in our designs. Some intricate designs can take up to 18 months from conceptualising to finalising.

All diamonds used are handpicked and are of E-F colour with VVS quality. Coloured gemstones are chosen for their extreme rarity, quality and cuts, creating jewelleries that are timeless and yield investment returns, providing an heirloom that can be worn, adorned and admired by future generations.