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Each collection theme aims to share a tale through jewellery. In line with our ethos, we believe there is a tale from yesterday that we can learn to improvise today, so we may move forward to a better tomorrow.


High Jewellery Collection — Rhapsody

From Time Immemorial

For 14 years, Simone has told stories from around the world through coloured gemstones. Now, for her 2020/2021 collection, Storied Gems, she has returned to the genesis of these precious stones, breathing new life into a story that is as old as time.

Formed beneath the earth long before we existed and in limited supply, these humble minerals have taken the world by storm. Being one of mother nature's most breathtaking creations, there is nothing quite like the uniqueness of natural gemstones.

Rhapsody celebrates the beauty of coloured gemstones through a series of monochromatic, free-flowing designs inspired by their crystalline structures. Boasting an extensive range of beloved gemstones like Tanzanite, Sapphire and Spinel, each skillfully crafted design brings forth the beauty in each gemstone variety.

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Simone x Katerina Perez

SPECIAL COLLABORATION — Simone x Katerina Perez

Empowering modern women

Simone collaborated with world renowned jewellery insider Katerina Perez on her 2019 capsule collection, Simone x Katerina Perez. The two came together after years of mutual admiration for each other’s creativity and passion.

Katerina wanted to convey an empowering message to women: Always reach for the stars; the sky’s the limit. Enter Simone’s celestial-inspired rings and earrings. Strong yet fluid, dazzling yet understated, these pieces are evocative of the modern woman’s nuanced qualities. Made with ethically sourced recycled gold, they are set with hand-carved gemstones in cool tones. This is a collection dedicated to everyday wear.

Shop this collection online at https://simonexkaterinaperez.com/

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High Jewellery Collection — Bombshell

Celebrating a beautiful mind

Simone’s 2019 collection, Bombshell, draws inspiration from an amazing story of a star for her inventions. Amongst them was frequency hopping, which is an essential technology for Wi-Fi today.

Celebrating a beautiful mind of ingenuity, the designs are of celestial motives and intricate details hidden within the jewellery. This includes incorporating an actual miniature music box beneath a pendant; music was one of the early influences for such technology. Discover the layers of hidden gems within these gems.

Birds in Poetry

High Jewellery Collection — Birds in Poetry

Love, hope and joy take flight

Birds in Poetry, Simone’s 2018 collection, takes inspiration from three iconic English poems, using birds as analogies for love, hope and joy. The exquisite collection embodies the poets’ expressions in three parts: Enduring Love, Romantic Hope & Purity in Joy.

Simone has set hearts aflutter with her unique renditions of birds and the use of vibrant gemstones in red, blue and green in this collection. She has vividly crafted the language of love, hope and joy.

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Jewels of Architecture

Special Collaboration — Jewels of Architecture

The history of architecture in miniature

For her first-ever capsule collection in 2017, Jewels of Architecture, Simone collaborated with Jason Pomeroy, an award-winning architect, professor and TV presenter.

Jason chose six buildings that not only chronicled the evolution of British architecture, but also influenced his personal journey. One of it was St Paul’s Cathedral. He had visited it as a child with his father, and it was there that he had decided to become an architect.

Simone then reinterpreted the buildings in her designs. The result: six truly unique bejewelled rings. Each one comes with a secret compartment under its sugarloaf-cut gem that holds micro-sized details inspired by an important feature in the building’s interior.

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Quintessentially British

High Jewellery Collection — Quintessentially British

English charms

Georgian style refers to the various styles in Britain’s architecture, interior design and decorative arts from 1714 to 1830 when the four King Georges reigned. Two centuries on, Simone revisited the Georgian style for Quintessentially British, her 2017 collection.

The collection unites a wide array of influences – from English rococo to gothic to neoclassical – to tell the stories of Georgian ladies like Georgiana Spencer, the Duchess of Devonshire who was also the great-great-great grand aunt of Princess Diana.

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Romance du Art Nouveau

High Jewellery Collection — Romance du Art Nouveau

The birth of a new art

When artists of the western world first encountered Japanese ukiyo-e paintings and woodblock prints, they were struck by their irregularity, curved lines and vibrant colours. The ukiyo-e style was vastly different from the prevailing historical styles in Europe.

Ukiyo-e art strongly influenced the birth of the Art Nouveau (“new art” in French) movement. Art Nouveau, defined by linear designs and flowing curves based on natural forms, set off new directions for many artists. These included Antonio Gaudi, Vincent van Gogh and Claude Monet.

In Romance du Art Nouveau, Simone’s 2016 collection, the oriental elements of ukiyo-e meet the resplendent touches of Art Nouveau, reigniting the magic of modern Art Nouveau in the 21st century.

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One Thousand & One Tales

High Jewellery Collection — One Thousand & One Tales

Stories that have inspired stories

Thousand and One Nights, also known as Arabian Nights, is the first romantic prose-fiction collection with exotic tales from various ethnic sources. It has been pivotal in influencing Western writers, including Hans Christian Anderson who wrote The Little Mermaid, Thumbelina and The Emperor’s New Clothes. Famous tales in Arabian Nights such as Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sindbad the Sailor, having been adapted into movies and stories, have also become part of Western folklore.

For her 2015 collection, Simone drew inspiration from the incredulous and beautiful tales of Arabian Nights. The pieces in this collection are magically whimsical and enthralling – just like the tales themselves.

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Jewels of the Nile

High Jewellery Collection — Jewels of the Nile

Magnificent gems

Ancient Ethiopians valued personal adornment. Men and women of all social status then wore jewellery. But what jewels would have been the Queen of Sheba’s favourites? How did she enchant the wise man of that time, King Solomon, with her beauty? What magnificent gems did she present to him? This historical story inspired Simone’s 2014 collection, Jewels of the Nile.

Marvels of intricacy set with stunning gems from Africa, the pieces in this collection exude exotic glamour with rich jewel tones and sparkle with delicate motifs. With its majestic splendour, this collection is truly fit for any queen.

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Hanging Gardens of Babylon

High Jewellery Collection — Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Falling under the spell of an ancient wonder

What did the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven wonders of ancient world, look like? As legend has it, luxurious vegetation cascaded down its terraces like waterfalls. Exotic flowers and fruits perfumed its passages. The garden was also a monument to love: King Nebuchadnezzar II built it for his queen, Amytis, who had pined for her verdant homeland, Media.

Simone has reimagined the garden’s beauty for Hanging Gardens of Babylon, her 2013 collection. Taking cues from its flora and fauna, she has brought to life the wonder’s splendours with intricate compositions and spellbinding motifs. Set with jewels in tones inspired by the garden, the collection is both dreamy and romantic.

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Parisian Chinois

High Jewellery Collection — Parisian Chinois

East Meets West

In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, the Chinese adopted French glass-making techniques. Meanwhile, the French applied the decorative styles of Chinese blue-and-white porcelain to their own ceramics.

Such cultural exchanges were all thanks to the French Jesuits who had been dispatched to the Qing court by King Louis XIV of France. Although the royals had never met in person, they introduced each other’s arts and culture into their lifestyles and that changed the history of fashion forever.

Simone’s 2012 collection, Parisian Chinois, reinterprets the fusion artistic styles that emerged from the Sino-Franco interactions. Its pieces dazzle with a blend of European and oriental motifs. Think Chinese songbirds perched inside a French birdcage, cherry blossoms in bloom, and delicate jade carvings in acanto style. Parisian Chinois is a rich treasure trove of wearable fusion art.

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From Russia With Love


Celebrating the Russian Heritage

It is no secret that the Russian royalties owned some of the world's most exquisite jewellery. The details of their craftsmanship and the intricacy displays the right combination of superiority in every piece. The Empress of Russia, Catherine the Great, who ruled during a Golden Age (1762-1796), believed great jewels were as important as a great army.

From Russia With Love, Simone’s 2011 collection, encapsulates the finest elements of Russian heritage. From the secret guilloché technique used in the famous Fabergé eggs to enamel work and fine figurines, Simone has recast these motifs as the collection’s delicate vocabulary.

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