Jewels of Architecture

Award winning jewellery designer, Simone Ng, has collaborated with architect and ‘City Time Traveller’ TV host, Jason Pomeroy, to create the first of its kind, ‘Jewels of Architecture’ capsule collection. Together they have explored their love for history, art and design in a collaboration they describe as “mutually inspiring and fulfilling”.

‘Jewels of Architecture’ consists of 6 bejeweled rings that track the evolution of British architecture from the 11th to the 20th century. Each ring is a modern reinterpretation of an iconic building from various art eras spanning from Gothic through to Modern Contemporary. These include the Kings College Chapel, St Paul’s Cathedral and Swiss Re Tower, to name a few.

The translation of ideas into carefully crafted rings was a diligent year-long exercise. Each ring was conceived as a miniature architectural exercise, – layer by layer, and with different techniques, craftsmen, rare high-quality sugarloaf gemstones and an array of fine materials. Carefully constructed in every ring is also a mystery compartment that artistically reflects deeper into the interiors of the buildings.