Riding Out the Storm


The world has been turned on its head, no doubt, so we seek to find out how these fine jewellers across Asia are going to adapt to a new way of doing business once a semblance of normalcy returns.

“The art of transformation is very powerful and is definitely a skill to acquire. During this time, I am constantly reminded of my grandmother’s words: “Be the master of your opportunities and not a slave to your challenges.”

At the start of this pandemic, no time was wasted in transforming ourselves and processes. As a team, we switched gears and rolled out a complete change in strategy with the mindset to stay adaptive to what may come. We realised that disruption may come unexpected and in any form. So, we want to be ready for it.

Using technology, we discovered new ways to do business and in more creative ways we ever knew before. This pandemic has forced us to make this leap. It has bridged the gap between product and people, brought team members closer and work processes have become more efficient. With these new skills, pushing the brand beyond borders may become even more efficient and economical.” – Simone Ng, Executive Creative Director