Wearable Works of Art

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22 August 2016

“I like wearable art. My style is quite bold and I design statements that are also conversation pieces.” This is the direction of the owner of Simone Jewels, a jewellery brand based in Singapore for 11 years. For her, wearable art is a combination artistic jewellery and investment. The diamonds come from legitimate suppliers in Israel, Africa and Hong Kong, while the gem stones are specifically flown in Africa, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. She also shared of the most valuable diamond she ever had. My husband never gave a diamond to celebrate the birth of her first child 14 years ago. Instead, he gifted an even special video the described how diamonds were produced that inspired her to create her first diamond pendant. Talking about her wishlist, she spoke about the uniquely coloured Paraiba Tourmaline that she would like to own someday.