Which Gem Gives Confidence?


Jewels always have a certain symbolic power anyway. In combination with a gemstone, they can therefore be used to convey a personal message, which is why they are also so good as a gift. Diamonds stand for loyalty and are intended to provide inner clarity and are therefore given away with a preference for engagement. Rubies are also considered stones of love, emeralds symbolic justice and are therefore particularly suitable as a gift with special values - a chain with the deep green stone could be a suitable gift for communion or confirmation.

Garnet is less known than the most prominent gemstones. He is said to give confidence and willpower, to help with depression and to strengthen the circulation. Because of all these properties it is also called the "crisis stone".

In view of the current situation, a piece of jewelry with a crisis stone is an excellent gift. To give consolation on behalf of praise, to praise hope for improvement and to appeal to perseverance. Of course, you can also give yourself gifts for this purpose.