The Bespoke Journey

Can't find what you desire from our high jewellery? Worry not, we offer bespoke services. This exceptional experience allows you to create that dream piece you've always wanted. With the finest tradition of craftsmanship, the design is curated from scratch, crafted by hand and is kept exclusively for you.

Meeting you...
The experience starts with a private consultation, always ensuring your are at the heart of this journey. This unique experience allows you to share your story and wishes. We impart gemstone, technical and styling education to help you make that informed decision.

The creative journey...
The creative journey continues with extensive research. More than a few dozen of sketches are conceptualized before we shortlist the best to present to you.

The process...
The designs are presented to you for any feedback. Once the final design and budget is approved, we help bring these designs to life in the hands of our finest craftsmen.

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Bespoke Creations

Engagement & Wedding Rings
Wedding Gift Sets
Re-designing Estate Jewellery
Special Occasion Jewellery

Private Consultation

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