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Luxury for Every Day

Main Image: Feathers of Joy Ear Jackets styled on multiple piercings, paired with the Feathers of Joy Ring in 18K white gold, diamonds, and mother-of-pearl.


The Essence of Everyday Luxury

In the world of fashion, true luxury transcends opulence. It resides in quality craftsmanship and timeless design, making a piece genuinely luxurious. Our new collection of quiet luxury jewellery epitomises this concept.

These pieces are aesthetically powerful yet exude an understated elegance, featuring clean lines, subtle designs, and versatile appeal.

Quiet luxury jewellery is rapidly becoming the next it-girl statement, and our latest collection perfectly encapsulates this trend.

Introducing Birds in Poetry: Ready-to-Wear Fine Jewellery Collection

We are thrilled to introduce our new Ready-to-Wear collection. This collection reimagines our iconic High Jewellery feather collection, drawing inspiration from classic English poems that use birds as metaphors for 'Love,' 'Hope,' and 'Joy'.

The collection captures the spirit of simplicity, freedom, and self-expression while embracing the beauty of minimalism. It offers elegant, versatile, and timeless pieces perfect for any occasion.


Wings of Joy Ear Jackets in 18K rose gold and diamonds


Trend 2024: Understated Elegance

In 2024, the trend is all about making an understated statement. Quiet luxury isn't just about simplicity; it's about the visible quality that shines through refined design and styling. Our new Ready-to-Wear collection exemplifies this trend. These pieces exude individuality, femininity, and modernity, enhancing your natural beauty without overwhelming it.

Whether you are drawn to the refined elegance of fine jewellery or the exceptional craftsmanship of high jewellery, our collection is designed to last more than one season, ensuring enduring elegance and style for those who appreciate the subtleties of true, quiet luxury.


Feathers of Joy Ring in 18K white gold, diamonds and mother-of-pearl


Styling for Every Day

Our Ready-to-Wear Birds in Poetry collection is designed to integrate seamlessly into any wardrobe. Pair these elegant pieces with a casual outfit for a touch of sophistication or formal attire to enhance your ensemble without overshadowing it. You can also mix and match them with your pearls and gemstones. The timeless designs ensure these pieces remain stylish for years, making them versatile additions to your fine jewellery collection.

Whether you wear them alone for a minimalist look or layer them with other accessories for a bolder statement, these pieces will elevate your style with their subtle yet powerful charm.



Feathers of Joy Ear Jackets in 18K white gold and diamonds


Discover the luxury of simplicity and the power of subtlety with our latest fine jewellery collection, embodying understated elegance and timeless beauty. Shop the collection now, or book an appointment to view it in person at Maison Simone.



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