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Collaboration Collection 2023: Simone X Tomo

Simone Jewels’ 2023 Collaboration Collection, collaborating with Japanese American Artist Tomoyuki Iwanami – Simone X Tomo, is a collection inspired by the art of Sumi-e. This collection is an extension of our thematic 2023 High Jewellery Collection – Tattoo. Both are made to celebrate art in a different medium.

Many may not know, Sumi-e, also known as Suibokuga or Japanese ink painting, involves using black ink, typically made from soot and water, to create paintings that emphasise simplicity, minimalism, and the beauty of splashes and strokes.

It transcends mere representation, aiming to convey the underlying spirit and vitality of harmony and freedom. Through its simplicity and spontaneity, Sumi-e invites viewers to appreciate its beauty and contemplate its deeper meanings. These organic and effortless ink splashes in Tomo’s art inspired Simone to create this collection.

Simone hopes this collection expresses that beyond enhancing appearance, jewellery can evoke positive emotions such as strength, confidence, beauty and identity, encouraging her clients to choose jewellery that celebrates themselves. The collaboration collection features effortless and fluid gender-neutral designs with a monochromatic palette echoing the DNA of Sumi-e.

Despite the contrasting backgrounds of Simone and Tomo, they share and cherish the same love towards creating conceptual art. They believe that Sumi-e and jewellery share a parallel expression where they are both traditional art and craft techniques practised for centuries. A fusion of Simone and Tomo led to an exciting outcome, creating a beautiful and meaningful collaboration collection.

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