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High Jewellery Collection 2023: TATTOO Chapter 2

A history buff, Simone has long expressed her intrigue for the past through the expressive medium of jewellery and has always been fascinated by the tales that jewels spin. Each design that Simone creates is a veritable work of art, one that makes a careful study of the theme it manifests, but also evokes emotion when viewed. Like any piece of art, a jewel by Simone Jewels speaks directly to the beholder, who might spot a little bit of themselves in the design.

Tattoo, thus, further cement Simone’s desire to craft jewels that serve as an extension of the wearer’s personality. Once regarded as a sub-culture, tattooing has slowly been gaining mainstream appeal and is now recognized as a bone fide art form. For tattoo artists, the human skin has become the canvas upon which they unleash their creativity, using their ink as a tool to paint tales.

These motifs are deftly brought the life using jewellery-making and artistic techniques. Some techniques that are commonly seen in tattooing have been appropriated for this collection, such as engraving and embossing, combined with crafts such as enamelling, and intaglio. The results are audacious and edgy, representing an evolution in Simone’s aesthetic journey. At their core, the designs remain true to her inherent design DNA, but they are a clear desire to push boundaries, evinced by the boldness of the pieces.

This boldness is reflected in designs that celebrate the art of tattooing by playing with size, unexpected motifs, and the element of transformability. An oversized ring, for instance, is seemingly simple with a quartz stone and an engraved shank. But like a tattoo that belies a hidden meaning, the beauty of the ring lies within: it opens to reveal an intricately carved skull studded with a Colombian emerald, representing the theme of Life. This element of unexpectedness is a recurring feature in the Tattoo collection, one that further amplifies Simone’s ability to surprise and intrigue with unconventional techniques and gemstones.

The collection also features a trove of transformable jewels, which have become a Simone Jewels signature. For Simone, the transformable jewels mirror the evolution of tattooing, an art form that has undergone various transformations over the centuries. Moreover, this is the brand’s first androgynous collection, designed with both men and women in mind: Marking another milestone for the brand.

To read more in Chapter 1: https://simonejewels.com/blogs/news/high-jewellery-collection-2023-tattoo-chapter-1


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