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Jewel Talk | Heated vs. Unheated

What is the difference between heated and unheated gemstones? What effect does heat have on gemstones? What are the distinctions? These some of the most frequently asked questions about heated and unheated gemstones.

Heat treatment is the most common gemstone industry practice used to enhance various gemstones' colour. Heat can eliminate or reduce the visibility of inclusions, remove or reduce undesired hues and heighten favourable colours. Heat treatments, for example, are employed in commonly heated gemstones such as aquamarine to eliminate its greenish tint and generate a blue or blueish-green colour in aquamarine. Another example is blue sapphire, where heat treatment is frequently used to enhance the blue colour of sapphires while removing undesirable impurities.

While heat treatment can improve the appearance of gemstones, it can also diminish their value if the buyer is unaware of the treatment. Some consumers choose unheated gemstones because they cherish the stone's natural beauty and want to know they are purchasing an untreated gemstone. As a result, unheated gemstones, such as genuine emeralds, are often more costly and sought after by collectors and aficionados. Because of their fragile nature and a high number of natural inclusions, they are rarely heated. Unheated emeralds are, therefore, highly regarded for their inherent beauty. Paraiba tourmaline is also a rare and valuable gemstone recognised for its brilliant blue-green colour. Due to their scarcity, unheated Paraiba tourmalines are highly precious.

However, heated gemstones are not always "bad"; whether a gemstone is desirable depends on the individual's preferences and unique circumstances. Due to their brittle nature, not all gemstones are appropriate for heat treatment. Personal preferences and the particular gemstone in question determine the desirability of heated gemstones.

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