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Own Your Motherhood

In honour of Mother's Day, Simone Jewels has teamed up with ultra-stylish home décor brand – Areli Designs and eco-conscious fashion brand – Caeli Eco Luxe to spotlight three extraordinary mothers who embody what it means to #OwnYourMotherhood! From balancing the role of a mom, a wife, and an all-rounder, these inspiring women show us what it means to embrace motherhood while owning their individuality.

Sara Ann, the first supermom in the series, finds the most fulfilling aspect of motherhood to be seeing her children's happiness and knowing that they are developing good values.

"I love that my kids greet all the delivery men excitedly, hand out drinks and snacks to all the workers in our area, and know all the garbage truck collectors and street sweepers by name. It makes me realise that though, at times, they do have their kiddy meltdowns, they have warm hearts with good intentions. And that fills my cup." - Sara Ann.

Sara Ann is an all-rounded supermom and super host. Like the Edgy collection, she expresses her many different sides and personalities as a multifaceted mom, embracing the idea of being a supermom with unique talents and passions other than parenting her little ones into caring and thoughtful individuals.

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The second extraordinary supermom, Christine, a working mother, finds the most fulfilling aspect of being a mom to watching her children develop independence. Despite the challenge of balancing a successful career and raising a family, seeing her children take responsibility and make independent decisions brings her a sense of satisfaction.

“Those moments make all the challenges of balancing multiple roles worthwhile." - Christine.

Christine effortlessly juggles multiple roles, balancing work and parenting with grace. Christine and pearls are a perfect match, often seen as a symbol of sophistication and refinement. Her calm demeanour and unwavering dedication towards her career and family make her an epitome of elegance and poise.

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The last incredible supermom, Andrea, a mother of 4, volunteers at her kids' school and supports causes she cares about. She serves on the Ronald McDonald House Charities Singapore board, which helps families with critically ill children, and volunteers for W! LD RICE, a local theatre company.

“Sharing values, wisdom, and unconditional love with her children and shaping the next generation is the most fulfilling aspect of motherhood.” – Andrea.

Andrea is a cool and loving exemplary mom; she prioritises instilling values like kindness, empathy, and responsibility in her children. Like the Rockstar collection, she motivates and inspires the next generation that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and a positive attitude.

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