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Simone Jewels is Ready to Take on the World

Armed with beautiful jewellery creations, a growing international fanbase, and a wealth of creativity, it was a natural progression for Simone Jewels to look beyond Singapore during the pandemic, seeing the interest already coming from overseas.

Simone Ng, the brand’s founder: “If you look at history, three things hold during a pandemic: Marriages increase, birth rates go up, and people purchase more jewellery and gold as assets, specifically those with larger-sized gemstones. We kept engaging customers even with the limitations of physical shows through virtual means like online viewings. We didn’t curb production either, launching our storied collections year after year. I’m confident that we can carve our niche. Fans of our brand appreciate our pieces not just for their aesthetic value and one-in-the-world nature, but for the inspirations, legacies and stories that are intrinsic to each.”

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