Jewels & Time - Mystical Allure


Journey back to ancient Persia, where the magical and mystical stories of the One Thousand and One Nights told by Scheherazade, these stories are spun into a collection of enchanting and whimsical jewels making the collection the largest by far, with over 100 pieces designed and produced in-house.

Simone Jewels weaves a precious narrative with a plethora of exotic stones and noble metals in this collection. Elements such as minaret stones, filigree work, tassels and Persian motifs are reflected in each design with a story to tell.

Like the rest of her collections, these pieces are hand-crafted, with some taking up to 18 months depending on complexity. Simone has also appropriated inventive jewellery-making techniques learnt from her travels, like the invisible setting and Italian mosaic art, in her work.