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Bijouts d'architecture

The history of architecture in miniature

JEWELS OF ARCHITECTURE was Simone’s first-ever collaboration collection. She collaborated with Jason Pomeroy, an award-winning architect, professor and TV presenter. Jason chose six buildings that chronicled the evolution of British architecture and influenced his journey. One of them was St Paul’s Cathedral. He had visited it as a child with his father, and it was there that he had decided to become an architect.

Simone then reinterpreted the buildings in her designs. The result: six truly unique bejewelled rings. Each one comes with a secret compartment under its sugarloaf-cut gem that holds micro-sized details inspired by an essential feature in the building’s interior.

Queen's House

Inspired by Inigo Jones' Tulip Stairs for Anne of Denmark, the queen of King James I, this exquisite ring reinterprets the Renaissance-style silhouette onto the shank, adorned with tulip details carved from mother of pearl. The ring is encrusted with diamonds and showcases the finest craftsmanship with its intricate, twisting motifs. Featuring an 8.91-carat blue Tanzanite sugarloaf, the gemstone flips open to reveal a miniature view of the Tulip Stairs, blending historical innovation with modern elegance.

St. Paul's Cathedral

This spectacular ring is inspired by Sir Christopher Wren's St. Paul's Cathedral, featuring baroque details and an 8.55-carat pink Zircon sugarloaf. The finely micro-paved diamonds highlight the intricate craftsmanship. A hidden compartment reveals a micro-scale dome with a central diamond, symbolising the light of faith. This masterpiece, requiring 4800 hours to create, captures the grandeur and timeless elegance of one of London's most iconic landmarks.

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