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Getting Your Bling On Can Be Conscious

“The process allows clients to use the precious materials they already own and bring it to life again with our fine artistry and craftsmanship; creating something special and wearable just for them. Any reusable gold will be melted and reused, together with all gemstones in the existing piece.”

Indeed, there is a growing awareness of the pressing need to scale back the harmful practices that are rife in the traditional jewellery industry. For instance, mining for precious stones and metals not only causes tremendous environmental damage, it can also result in a litany of human rights violations when miners are forced to work under untenable conditions. There are also concerns about supply chain transparency as many of these materials pass through multiple hands as they are processed and traded, often with little accountability and traceability.

Not surprisingly, upcycling one’s existing precious pieces is one of the more popular ways for a conscious consumer to eschew such unsustainable practices.

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