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Jewel Talk: Emeralds

The Elegance of Emeralds

Few gemstones command the awe and admiration that emeralds do in the world of high jewellery. With their mesmerising green hues and storied history, emeralds symbolise luxury, power, and the allure of bespoke jewellery. This May, as we celebrate the month's birthstone, let’s delve into the world of emeralds and their significance in custom jewellery in Singapore.


Historical Significance

Cleopatra's Treasure
Historically, emeralds enchanted civilisations. Cleopatra prized them, the Mughal emperors inscribed them with sacred texts, and Romans associated them with the goddess Venus, believing they soothed the eyes, much like the bespoke jewellery created by artisans today.



As seen here: Dolmabahce "Majestic Mosaic" Earrings


The Science Behind Emeralds

Formation and Composition

Emeralds, a variety of beryl, owe their green colour to traces of chromium and vanadium. Formed under intense heat and pressure, these gems are a testament to the extraordinary forces of nature. 

Natural Inclusions: "Jardin"
Emeralds are notoriously challenging to cut due to their natural inclusions, known as "jardin" (French for garden). These inclusions are not flaws but rather signatures of their natural origin. 

As seen here: Birds in Poetry "Feather in the Willows" Ring


Craftsmanship in Emerald Jewellery

Cutting Challenges
Skilled gem cutters must carefully navigate these inclusions to maximise the stone’s beauty and brilliance. The iconic "emerald cut," with its rectangular facets, was developed to enhance the colour and minimise the pressure on the stone during cutting, a technique appreciated in custom engagement rings in Singapore.


Caring for Emerald Jewellery

Maintenance Tips 

Despite their undeniable beauty, emeralds require gentle care, especially in fine jewellery collections. They are softer than diamonds and sapphires, making them more susceptible to scratches and impacts.

Emerald in Modern Jewellery

With their deep green allure and rich historical heritage significance, emeralds remain one of the most treasured gemstones in high jewellery. Their unique beauty, combined with the stories they carry, makes them more than just a gem—they are a piece of history, a work of art, and a symbol of nature’s wonders. 

Symbolism and Trends
As we celebrate emeralds this month, let us appreciate their stunning appearance and incredible journey from deep within the earth to our most cherished custom jewellery collections in Singapore.




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