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Pink October

In the world of jewellery, beauty often takes centre stage. But what if we told you that jewellery could do more than grace? At Simone Jewels, we believe in the power of jewellery to inspire, empower, and celebrate life's most profound moments. We are thrilled to introduce Pink October in partnership with and support of the Breast Cancer Foundation. Breast cancer diagnosis can be a daunting journey, and to be a part of this meaningful month, Simone Jewels is painting October pink and hoping to support those on the path to better breast health.

"Strength comes from conquering what you once thought was impossible. There is always light at the end of the tunnel." - Simone Ng.

An exclusive Pink edition series from our signature Edgy collection featuring pink mother-of-pearl and pink sapphires are introduced to support this cause. Pink sapphires symbolise power and strength; we hope to embody these messages through the collection.

Breast cancer is a battle that affects millions of lives worldwide. We believe that support is key. With Pink October, we raise awareness about breast cancer and contribute to the cause. 20% of the proceeds from our exclusive collection will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation, supporting and empowering the breast cancer community.

Our Breast Cancer Campaign celebrates life – the courage to face adversity and the strength to emerge victorious. We’ve teamed up with Nominated Member of Parliament (2021-2023), Dr Tan Yia Swam of Breast Friend Surgery & Wellness to reach wider audiences and increase awareness. Together, we will host tea parties to raise a greater understanding of better breast care and health and fundraise together.

"One aspect of feminine beauty is the bosom - I hope to raise awareness of breast care through this series of cosy, intimate events!" - Dr Tan Yia Swam.

Pink October is specially curated to celebrate life, start a conversation, and raise awareness of the significance of self-care. Our collection's pieces remind us that beauty can be found in resilience and that every day is worth celebrating. Our exclusive collection wishes to embrace elegance and contribute to the cause of breast cancer awareness. We can empower, support, and celebrate life in all its glory. Join us in this sparkling journey.

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