Porträts von Porzellan

Wearable tributes to an ancient, regal art

PORTRAITS OF PORCELAIN is inspired by three of the most talked about Chinese porcelains from the Qing dynasty, celebrated for their historical and aesthetic significance, commanding astronomical prices in recent auctions. Ancient Chinese porcelain art was a closely guarded technique valued for its durability and delicacy. Porcelain reached its pinnacle in the Qing dynasty with brightly coloured portraits of floral, landscape, and figurative scenes, making it highly sought-after worldwide. The development of painted enamel was also one of the most significant technical contributions during this period.

Paradise in Harmony

Inspired by an ancient Qing Dynasty landscape vase dating to Emperor Qianlong's reign, a gorgeous mint tourmaline takes centre stage, complemented by delicate jade carved in French-inspired motifs found on the pottery's neck. Pops of striking blue tanzanites bring to life the whimsical allure of the design. The ring presents a harmonious stream of colour, flow of shapes, and flux of cultural aesthetics; it encapsulates the essence of ancient Chinese beauty in a modern context.

Atop the Jade Spring HIll

Re-imagining the landscape of the Jade Spring Hill vase, this piece combines rows of diamonds and mother of pearl to create a vivacious scenery of springtime flora and fauna. Perched atop this scene are two symbolic carved cranes and a deer, each crafted from distinct shades of jade that bring out the intricate details of their forms. The detailed layering transforms the bangle into a mesmerizing piece of three-dimensional artwork, capturing the beauty of nature in exquisite detail.

Chinesisches Porzellan ist in seiner Schönheit und Stärke jenseits der Welt und verleiht einem hoch begehrten Status durch Herrscher und Reiche im Laufe der Geschichte. Porträts von Porzellan destillieren die Evaneszenz von Porzellan und die Techniken seiner unbesungenen Meister in zutiefst tragbare Hommagen an diese alte, königliche Kunst.

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