Jewels of the Nile

Magnificent gems

Inspired by historical stories the ancient Ethiopians valued personal adornment. Men and women of all social statuses then wore jewellery. But what jewels would have been the Queen of Sheba’s favourites? How did she enchant the wise man of that time, King Solomon, with her beauty? What magnificent gems did she present to him? This historical story inspired the JEWELS OF THE NILE collection.

Marvels of intricacy set with stunning gems from Africa, the pieces in this collection exude exotic glamour with rich jewel tones and sparkle with delicate motifs. With its majestic splendour, this collection is truly fit for any queen.

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This collection celebrates the richly saturated coloured gemstones in bold designs. It portrays the glamour of the Nile from the period of Queen Sheba.

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