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Storied Gems

If jewellery could talk, what stories would it tell? Step into Simone’s world of storied gems and take a listen.

In celebration of Simone Jewels’ 15 years of storytelling designs, the brand reflects on their ethos and journey back into their collection archive to revisit their most popular themes with brand new design reiterations.

Parisian Chinois

Parisian Chinois reinterprets the fusion artistic styles that emerged from the Sino-Franco interactions. Its pieces dazzle with a blend of French and Chinese oriental motifs.

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Vogue Paris

Pâques : 11 bijoux fun pour une chasse aux oeufs upgradée

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15th anniversary of Simone Jewels

Simone Jewels celebrates its 15th anniversary with Storied Gems, a retrospective look into its archives

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History told through jewellery

Simone Ng's bejewelled creations open doors to the past.

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