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Portraits of Porcelain

Wearable tributes to an ancient, regal art

Simone Jewels’ 2022 collection – Portraits of Porcelain – is inspired by three of the most talked about Chinese porcelains from the Qing dynasty, celebrated for their historical and aesthetic significance, commanding astronomical prices in recent auctions. Ancient Chinese porcelain art was a closely guarded technique valued for its durability and delicacy. Porcelain reached its pinnacle in the Qing dynasty with brightly coloured portraits of floral, landscape, and figurative scenes, making it highly sought-after worldwide. The development of painted enamel was also one of the most significant technical contributions during this period.

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Desirable for its beauty and strength, coveted storied gems inspired by the peak of an ancient, regal art

Chinese porcelain is otherworldly in its beauty and strength, conferring a highly coveted status by rulers and empires throughout history. Portraits of Porcelain distil the evanescence of porcelain and the techniques of its unsung masters into profoundly wearable tributes to this ancient, regal art.

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