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From Time Immemorial

For 14 years, Simone has told stories from around the world through coloured gemstones. RHAPSODY is a return to the genesis of these precious stones, breathing new life into a story as old as time.

These humble minerals have taken the world by storm, formed beneath the earth long before we existed and in limited supply. Being one of Mother Nature’s most breathtaking creations, there is nothing quite like the uniqueness of natural gemstones.

Rhapsody celebrates the beauty of coloured gemstones through a series of monochromatic, free-flowing designs inspired by their crystalline structures. Boasting an extensive range of beloved gemstones like Tanzanite, Sapphire and Spinel, each skillfully crafted design brings forth the beauty in each gemstone variety.

Genesis of Precious Stones

Celebrate the breathtaking natural beauty of mother nature. The earrings draws inspiration from the crystalline structures of the gems themselves. Delicate yet striking, the cascading arrangement of pink Spinel gemstones is set with precision; facets catching and reflecting light with every movement, allowing their inherent brilliance to take centre stage. Think sleek contemporary with timeless sophistication.

Precious Tanzanites

Celebrating the unique beauty of natural coloured gemstones, these earrings display an array of rich purplish-blue Tanzanites in a free-flowing design. Various carats and cuts are scattered along a stem of brilliant diamonds, epitomising the sophistication of this exquisite mineral.

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