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Jewel Talk: Red Gems

On the month of love, we celebrate red gems. With their fiery and timeless elegance, red gemstones have always captivated the hearts of gem enthusiasts. Known for their vibrant hues, the world of red gems is diverse, offering a rich spectrum of hues with longstanding connections to deep emotions and symbolic meanings. Ruby often claims the spotlight as the initial preference in this realm. However, there are exceptional alternatives that are as fiery as Ruby, and history has witnessed the confusion of others with their deep rouge hues, including red Spinel and Rubellite.

Revered as the "King of Gems," Ruby takes centre stage and embodies the essence of love and passion. Its fiery red hue has symbolised romance and devotion throughout history. Known for its rarity, a pigeon blood red, unheated Ruby holds immense value, making it a coveted choice where rarity and vibrant charm converge to create a gem fit for royalty.

Garnet, a diverse family of gemstones, unfolds a tapestry of reds that range from deep burgundy to vibrant crimson. With varieties like Almandine and Pyrope, Garnet offers a spectrum of red shades, each telling its own story of passion and devotion. Symbolising commitment and loyalty, Garnet has been cherished throughout history for its emotional significance, exchanged between friends or lovers to symbolise a deep, lasting connection.

Red Spinel, often called the "The Great Imposter" of Ruby, has a rich history of being mistaken for its crimson counterpart. Historically, Rubies owed their initial fame to Spinel, with their colours closely mirroring each other. Carrying a vibrancy that radiates passion and vitality, Red Spinel is a reminder to live life to the fullest and embrace every moment zealously.

Rubellite, a red variety of Tourmaline, carries a range of hues with variations that may include red, purple, or pink undertones. Recognised for its rarity and occasional difficulty finding, Rubellite adds a touch of exclusivity to any collection. This gemstone is associated with emotional healing and self-love, stimulating joy and emotional well-being.

As we explore the captivating world of red gems, each stone reveals a story of passion, emotion, and individuality. Whether you’re drawn to the deep red temptation of Ruby, the diverse hues of Garnet, the vibrant energy of Spinel, or the healing properties of Rubellite, each red gem invites you to express and celebrate the depth of your emotions in a truly captivating way.

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