Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Falling under the spell of an ancient wonder

What did the HANGING GARDENS OF BABYLON, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, look like? As legend has it, luxurious vegetation cascaded down its terraces like waterfalls. Exotic flowers and fruits perfumed its passages. The garden was also a monument to love: King Nebuchadnezzar II built it for his queen, Amytis, who had pined for her verdant homeland, Media.

Simone has reimagined the garden’s beauty for Hanging Gardens of Babylon, her 2013 collection. Taking cues from its flora and fauna, she has brought the wonder’s splendours to life with intricate compositions and spellbinding motifs. Set with jewels in tones inspired by the garden, the collection is both dreamy and romantic.

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The romantic King Nebuchadnezzar II who built this garden for his queen, Amytis, becomes the center story that inspired this collection. Featuring flora and fauna that was found in this garden took extended research and the results are more than delightable.

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