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Simone Jewels Masterclass offers a unique experience for gemstone lovers. We aim to enrich and empower you through our educational series of interactive workshops. 

We offer a variety of Masterclasses, including Pearl Masterclass, Emerald Masterclass, Unheated Vs Heated Gemstones Masterclass to Design Masterclass and more.

Why join our Masterclass


To gain in-depth knowledge about gemstones, including their types, properties, and sources.


To make informed decisions when buying or investing in gemstone jewellery.


To develop a deeper appreciation for the beauty and significance of gemstones.


To understand how to select gemstones that hold personal meaning or significance.


To connect with like-minded individuals who share an interest in gemstones and jewellery.

What’s in the Masterclass


Learn in-depth knowledge about various gemstones, like their characteristics, origins, and qualities.


Learn how to identify different facts that determine the quality and value of gemstones.

Hands-on Experience

Hands-on designing and understanding the possibilities of different gemstones and creating stunning and unique pieces with our Design Masterclass.


Obtain a Certificate as evidence of your successful completion of the Masterclass and your in-depth understanding of gemstone knowledge.

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Acquire knowledge of different topics like Pearls, Spinels, Emerald, and more.

Learn interesting facts, pick up industry tips and appreciate different gemstones up close for a comprehensive experience.

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