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Illustrating sentiment jewellery with body ink

TATTOO marks another milestone in Simone Jewels’ journey: It is the brand’s first androgynous collection, designed with both men and women in mind. Tattoos and jewellery are powerful expressions of individualism and symbolism, holding a strong sentimental link that forms the foundation of this collection.

Beauty of Courage

This enchanting piece symbolises beauty and courage—a fusion of delicate elegance and bold strength. The duality of beauty and resilience is represented by the sword translated as courage cradled by a rose expressing beauty. The blend of coloured gemstones and gold embrace the notion that beauty and courage are not mutually exclusive but should coexist harmoniously.

Beauty of Life

In the language of tattoos, the skull is a familiar motif that represents the cyclical nature of life. Inspired by the phrase "Memento mori", it sits atop a bead of roses with a stunning Columbian Emerald nestled within its forehead. Set beneath a dome of white quartz, the ring serves as a reminder that life's true beauty transcends mere appearances.

TATTOO continues Simone’s desire to craft jewels that serve as an extension of the wearer’s personality. The collection focuses on four themes that recur in tattoo design, namely Love, Beauty, Courage, and Life, ready to mark one’s significant milestone or challenge, such as the purpose of tattoos. Each design is a veritable work of art that carefully studies the theme it manifests and evokes emotion when viewed. Like any piece of art, a jewel by Simone Jewels is meant to intrigue and speak directly to the beholder, who might spot some of themselves in the design.

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