Vögel in Poesie

Love, hope and joy take flight

BIRDS IN POETRY takes inspiration from three iconic English poems, using birds as analogies for love, hope and joy. The exquisite collection embodies the poets’ expressions in three parts: Enduring Love, Romantic Hope & Purity in Joy.


The Paradiso bangle is a testament to masterful craftsmanship. It features a stunning 12.43-carat Santa Maria Aquamarine, known as the most expensive and highly appraised aquamarine colour. The gemstone reflects the serene beauty of the sky, with each bird meticulously crafted to create a sense of movement and life, lending a surreal and dynamic quality to the piece. Inside the bangle, the iridescent Mother of Pearl adds an extra layer of sophistication and grace for a fully articulated design.

Birds in Poetry

The Birds in Poetry ring captures the collection's vivacity and artistry, re-imagining a bird in textural designs of white quartz and diamonds that wrap gracefully around the finger. A vision of hope, the bird tenderly holds a vivid blue spinel, while a tsavorite garnet eye adds a touch of life to the design. This creates a charismatic character with an entrancing blend of colours and forms.

Simone hat in dieser Sammlung die Herzen mit ihren einzigartigen Vögeln und der Verwendung von lebendigen Edelsteinen in Rot, Blau und Grün gesetzt. Sie hat die Sprache der Liebe, Hoffnung und Freude lebhaft gestaltet.

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