Wander into the Palace's Wonders

Step into the world of DOLMABAHCE with Simone Jewels, as the brand pays homage to the majestic Dolmabahçe Palace. Inspired by the palace's opulence during the Ottoman Empire, this exquisite collection blends tradition and modernity. Founder Simone Ng's vision transforms historical grandeur into wearable art, featuring delicate curvilinear forms and neoclassical and rococo designs echoing the palace's ornate interiors.


Inspired by the impressive gate of the palace that overlooks the Bosphorus River, the essence of its shape and pattern is translated into intricate metalwork encrusted with gemstones. A captivating unheated sapphire paired with a unique craftsmanship technique of marquetry intricately puzzles mother-of-pearl together to create a stunning work of art that is more than what meets the eye.


The grand chandelier, notably the world's largest Bohemian crystal chandelier, is an impressive artwork that hangs above the Ceremonial Hall. This breathtaking structure has inspired cascading and intricate designs, such as floating pearls encased in reimagined three-dimensional structures inspired by the enchanting features of the chandelier. It evokes quiet elegance on another level.

"DOLMABAHCE celebrates history, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. It is a homage to the legacy of the Dolmabahce Palace and an invitation to adorn oneself with the splendour of a bygone era."

- Simone Ng, Founder and Executive Creative Director


Creations that mirror the opulence and artistic tile work of the palace's ornate ceilings and mosaic designs are crafted precisely using special techniques such as marquetry. One remarkable design showcases each micro-size piece of mother-of-pearl hand-cut and jigsaw puzzles into the jewellery, creating a smooth and beautiful blend of subtle colours and texture in the finishing. Enhanced with an exceptional unheated Tsavorite Garnet, which is rarer than emeralds, this addition harmonises the piece's colours, further enriching its majesty.

Inspired by the wonders of the palace, the collection evokes an era of refined sophistication. Wandering from the Gates of Bosphorus to the Grand Chandelier to the Majestic Mosaics, experience the grandeur of DOLMABAHCE through the creations of Simone Jewels, where tradition meets modern elegance to celebrate Ottoman heritage.

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